[PC-BSD Testing] Thunderbird PBI update downloads but doesn't "install"

doverosx at gmail.com doverosx at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 19:20:07 PDT 2009


I just received a bunch of updates from the good old updater, but 
Thunderbird's PBI update didn't seem to jive well. Updater will download 
the PBI but not install the update (properly/at all??). Checking the 
system menu I still see 2.0.19_1 as the installed version.

There is no Thunderbird2.0.0.21 folder created in /usr/Porgrams.

...I couldn't find a download of the newer version, could be a reason 
why, unless the updater script deletes the PBI if an install "completes".

/root at pcbsd# find / -name 'Thunderbird*'

/..as you can see find returns only the old version.

Brodey Dover

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