[PC-BSD Testing] Testing 7.1 RC1

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Apr 1 07:00:58 PDT 2009

On 01.04.2009 16:56, Kris Moore wrote:
> A.Yerenkow wrote:
>> Kris, translation of PCInstall is out of sync with Pootle, am I correct?
>> you synchronizing all translations only before release?
>> It'll be nice to get RC2 with synced translations, just to make sure all ok.
>> Or you didn't planning it?
> The translations on RC1 may be a bit out of date, I'll make sure to get
> them updated before 7.1 for sure :)
> As for a RC2, I'm not sure about it this time. Right now the build
> servers are on a very slow connection, and it takes me anywhere from 3-4
> days just to upload the ISO's. After we release 7.1, we'll be moving
> those to a new colo, and start doing weekly snapshots, so you can try
> things out on a more consistent basis.
> What translation was it that appeared out of date? I'll make sure I
> personally try it here to ensure its updated for you.
The installer itself, russian language.
I'm think I'll finish both russian and ukrainian language 
today/tomorrow, will be great if this go to release :)

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