[PC-BSD Testing] Removable media

Brodey Dover pcfxer at rogers.com
Tue Sep 30 17:51:38 PDT 2008


Let's try mounting things manually for now. When you insert the device, 
if you can "safely remove it" then do so, if not, open the terminal. 
Once you are at the terminal (vfs.usermount=1 is generally set in all 
PC-BSDs), type umount -f /media/da0s1 (we're being forceful because it 
doesn't "really" matter right now.

let's make a directory on your desktop for you to sift through 
easily...: mkdir ~/Desktop/Xpod

let's mount the device to your nice new directory....: mount -t msdosfs 
/dev/da0s1 ~/Desktop/Xpod


Rather, test and let us know!


flat.rose wrote:
> *Update:
> Songs that were transferred before wasn't damaged, I was mistaken (sorry);
> The ones I've transferred throught Dolphin to my player are broken 
> (backed-up the whole data to my PC and listened with WMPlayer);
> Formatted device with FAT (not FAT32) flag, gonna see what's that 
> gonna give to me.
> ...*some time later*...
> The mp3-player recognizes FAT filesystem but when I mount it to my 
> laptop and open with Dolphin I see this picture:
> The only folder out there that displayed as a folder is one named 
> `photos` (It was created by the device after formatting, at the first 
> boot). The `music` folder (was created by myself from windows machine 
> to have some place for mp3s), so the music folder is displayed as an 
> empty document without extension and it weights 0 bytes. The device 
> path is /media/da0s1 now, which's actually kinda strange becuse the 
> label on my jukbox is xPod, so the path were /media/XPOD before. Guys, 
> please fix that thing, we're still living in the world of Windows so 
> it's a must-have thing - to be compatable with formats like FAT and 
> NTFS, or even linux ext's.
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 3:53 PM, John Stokes <airy at netspace.net.au 
> <mailto:airy at netspace.net.au>> wrote:
>     Unfortunately that is not the only thing broken at the moment -
>     earlier versions of PC-BSD 7 worked with my USB external Seagate
>     harddrive (NTFS partition)
>     - now it won't even see it (it mistaken thinks it's my SATA Main
>     drive (V7 is on a IDE drive hanging off the side of the machine)
>     :-( .I'm hoping a lot of the issues I'm seeing will fade away with
>     the next release (I like to think I'm an optimist :-\ ).
>     flat.rose wrote:
>>     It happened again - after uploading music on my 1GB Philips
>>     mp3-player all songs are being played very laggy so it's
>>     impossible to listen anything except radio (even songs that were
>>     transferred from w32 PC are broken after it). Seems to me that
>>     something breaks filesystem on the flash memory. It happened to
>>     me before on PC-bsd and never on linux (both were KDE4). The
>>     solution is to format the whole disk with fat-32 filesystem on my
>>     WinXP PC and upload songs to it from the same machine. It don't
>>     just doesn't work, it even pisses me off and takes my time to
>>     transfer songs to PC, format the player and give it back. Please,
>>     find out what's the problem with that I can't always use PC for
>>     that, I need my laptop to be able 'not to crack' my device.
>>     Thank you.
>>     System: PC-BSD 7.0 Fibonacci edition,
>>     FIle-manager: Dolphin;
>>     Song format: mp3, transferring inside folders and outside too;
>>     Protocol: USB 2.0;
>>     Problem: all songs are being played like I'm trying to run WoW on
>>     my player while listening. (I don't).
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