[PC-BSD Testing] Removable media

John Stokes airy at netspace.net.au
Tue Sep 30 04:53:23 PDT 2008

Unfortunately that is not the only thing broken at the moment - earlier 
versions of PC-BSD 7 worked with my USB external Seagate harddrive (NTFS 
- now it won't even see it (it mistaken thinks it's my SATA Main drive 
(V7 is on a IDE drive hanging off the side of the machine) :-( .I'm 
hoping a lot of the issues I'm seeing will fade away with the next 
release (I like to think I'm an optimist :-\ ).

flat.rose wrote:
> It happened again - after uploading music on my 1GB Philips mp3-player 
> all songs are being played very laggy so it's impossible to listen 
> anything except radio (even songs that were transferred from w32 PC 
> are broken after it). Seems to me that something breaks filesystem on 
> the flash memory. It happened to me before on PC-bsd and never on 
> linux (both were KDE4). The solution is to format the whole disk with 
> fat-32 filesystem on my WinXP PC and upload songs to it from the same 
> machine. It don't just doesn't work, it even pisses me off and takes 
> my time to transfer songs to PC, format the player and give it back. 
> Please, find out what's the problem with that I can't always use PC 
> for that, I need my laptop to be able 'not to crack' my device.
> Thank you.
> System: PC-BSD 7.0 Fibonacci edition,
> FIle-manager: Dolphin;
> Song format: mp3, transferring inside folders and outside too;
> Protocol: USB 2.0;
> Problem: all songs are being played like I'm trying to run WoW on my 
> player while listening. (I don't).
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