[PC-BSD Testing] Removable media

flat.rose flat.rose at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 01:53:53 PDT 2008

It happened again - after uploading music on my 1GB Philips mp3-player all
songs are being played very laggy so it's impossible to listen anything
except radio (even songs that were transferred from w32 PC are broken after
it). Seems to me that something breaks filesystem on the flash memory. It
happened to me before on PC-bsd and never on linux (both were KDE4). The
solution is to format the whole disk with fat-32 filesystem on my WinXP PC
and upload songs to it from the same machine. It don't just doesn't work, it
even pisses me off and takes my time to transfer songs to PC, format the
player and give it back. Please, find out what's the problem with that I
can't always use PC for that, I need my laptop to be able 'not to crack' my
Thank you.

System: PC-BSD 7.0 Fibonacci edition,
FIle-manager: Dolphin;
Song format: mp3, transferring inside folders and outside too;
Protocol: USB 2.0;
Problem: all songs are being played like I'm trying to run WoW on my player
while listening. (I don't).
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