[PC-BSD Testing] Wishlist for PCBSD 7.1

John Stokes airy at netspace.net.au
Thu Sep 25 14:37:53 PDT 2008

I'd thought I would throw out a wishlist for 7.1 (eta maybe end Oct ??? 
early Nov )

Freebsd 7.1 release (13 Oct)
KDE 4.1.2 (Oct 1) or 4.1.3 (Nov 5) (Working shutdown support????)
Xorg 7.4 (now released but still in Portfreeze with Freebsd 7.1?)
NTFS 3G R/W support
Amarok 2 (23 Oct)
Thunderbird on release DVD.

Bugs fixed :

A working CD eject/dismount.
Dismounting/mounting of drives (USB etc) - My main UFS PC- BSD drive 
doesn't dismount properly and runs checks when I boot from it.
Also Dolphin consistently crashs when accessing this and other media 
(there a a few people experiencing corruption of data transferred from 
mediums) - a show stopper till they sort these issues out.
A working partition arrangement on install.

Keep up the awesome work Kris & co - you have a very stable platform 
happening forming.


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