[PC-BSD Testing] So many problems..

Jeffery Yeakel jyeakel2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 19:44:45 PDT 2008

First time using pcbsd so I will list the problems encountered.

Can only be installed on a primary partition? So many linux distros handle this situation flawlessly, why cant we install on extended partitions? if I had installed on the partition that it recommended all of my data would have been lost.

After install video so slow and flickering almost unbearable, I realize that ati isnt officially supported but my card eax1550 works great in other linux distros, some major tweaking needs to be done there.

No Sound for my xfi platinum although the hardware list shows its supported.

My network card(realtekrtl8169/8110 gigabit ethernet)could not obtain an ip address from the dns server, and when I tried to manually assign an ip address the whole machine completely locked up, completely! no response whatsoever, first time that has ever happened to me on any linux/unix distro.

Jeffery A Yeakel

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