[PC-BSD Testing] smb:// and other protocols

flat.rose flat.rose at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 08:36:54 PDT 2008

About http... yep I understand that it's caused by the missing extension in
the url's file, but it seems wrong to me somehow. For example, I can open a
text file without extension on my harddisk with one click and I'll get it
opened in Kwrite without any errors. But in KMplayer or DragonPlayer I'll
get an error (but video will be accepted after I click 'ok'), which's not
kinda in style of kde. I'm sure you've got what I mean.

Nono, dolphin handles smb protocol perfectly, there're no problems with
that. It's just hard to read textfiles from my windows PC (to read files I
have to save them to disk and open it with firefox ic case to read those
files in the same state as they were on a windows machine).

I think I know how to compile firefox with the option you adviced to me,
thanks, but I have a PBI of Firefox installed in my /Programs directory,
that's not possible to recompile. I think I have to install the new one from
ports tree. Well, I'll try it tonight.

And going for a MIME editor add-on right now, thanks alot, Brodey!

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 4:32 AM, Brodey Dover <pcfxer at rogers.com> wrote:

>  1. Second one is about http-protocol.
> -> That link doesn't appear to be valid.
> 2. Firefox, Amarok and few other applications doesn't recognize smb
> protocol.
> -> Recompile Firefox with option "SMB   Enable smb:// URI support using
> gnomevfs"
> 3. Apparently you need MIME editor add-on to change how Firefox handles
> certain file types. Check it out and let us know.
> I guess this is mostly a firefox "bug" than a PC-BSD bug. What is wrong
> with running smb from Dolphin? I really like how KDE has the nested
> directory for smb that is automatically updated compared to my FreeBSD/gnome
> setup.
> Regards,
> Brodey
> flat.rose wrote:
> The problem is I cannot access to my main computer throught samba with
> anything but konqueror or dolphin. Firefox, Amarok and few other
> applications doesn't recognize smb protocol. It worked for me on linux
> before, could you please just check *kio* when you have time?
> Second one is about http-protocol. It works but with loads of errors. For
> example, when I open online movie (e.g.
> http://youtube.com/flvs/ao38mvqpoja98v, which is a .flv videofile) with
> Kmplayer or Dragon Player, I get error telling me that 'URL cannot be
> Listed'.
> Oh, and before I forgot, my Applications list in Firefox is empty. Is it my
> fault or there're problems with it right now? Just have to save everything
> instead of running .torrent files automatically. That's not a big problem
> just more complicated. Anyway, I'm a fan of troubles tho.
> Thank you.
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