[PC-BSD Testing] smb:// and other protocols

Brodey Dover pcfxer at rogers.com
Mon Sep 22 17:32:37 PDT 2008

1. Second one is about http-protocol.
-> That link doesn't appear to be valid.

2. Firefox, Amarok and few other applications doesn't recognize smb 
-> Recompile Firefox with option "SMB   Enable smb:// URI support using 

3. Apparently you need MIME editor add-on to change how Firefox handles 
certain file types. Check it out and let us know.

I guess this is mostly a firefox "bug" than a PC-BSD bug. What is wrong 
with running smb from Dolphin? I really like how KDE has the nested 
directory for smb that is automatically updated compared to my 
FreeBSD/gnome setup.


flat.rose wrote:
> The problem is I cannot access to my main computer throught samba with 
> anything but konqueror or dolphin. Firefox, Amarok and few other 
> applications doesn't recognize smb protocol. It worked for me on linux 
> before, could you please just check *kio* when you have time?
> Second one is about http-protocol. It works but with loads of errors. 
> For example, when I open online movie (e.g. 
> http://youtube.com/flvs/ao38mvqpoja98v, which is a .flv videofile) 
> with Kmplayer or Dragon Player, I get error telling me that 'URL 
> cannot be Listed'.
> Oh, and before I forgot, my Applications list in Firefox is empty. Is 
> it my fault or there're problems with it right now? Just have to save 
> everything instead of running .torrent files automatically. That's not 
> a big problem just more complicated. Anyway, I'm a fan of troubles tho.
> Thank you.
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