[PC-BSD Testing] Atheros tested

wa5qjh wa5qjh at xmission.com
Sun Sep 21 13:22:54 PDT 2008

I did already test the drivers. and still it froze up unless I ran in 
boot option 3 "Safe Mode', in which case it seemed to run indefinitly. 
Wish I knew just what safe mode is as applies to PCBSD.
 But may have other problems too. I removed an unneeded pci IDE card 
from the system and at first it seemed to run for several hours without 
the driver change. but since then, the freeze-up are real quick. Almost 
like the computer has a heat problem cause the longer the computer runs, 
the shorter the time between boot-up and freeze-up in normal mode..
  Yesterday I installed what was supposed to be my new "main" 
installation on one  of 4 partitions. Altho it installed fine, suddenly 
the other two BSD partitions  got thier sub-partition ( slices ) 
relocated and I can no longer boot to them even after changing the 
entries in their respective /etc/fstab's.  The first boot menu says 
"Invalid Partition" if I press F3 or F4.

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