[PC-BSD Testing] Not shutting down smoothly

Brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Fri Sep 19 07:01:15 PDT 2008

 PC-BSD 7 seems to run smoothly so far . Its nice and fast with the best 
implementation of KDE 4 of any OS . It would be nice to see all that 
nice art work carried over into the Gnome PBI . The menu button still 
disappears when I switch to classic view . re-adding it still plops it 
in the far right of the panel . Even with the updated hplip port , I 
still don't have an entry for hp2100 series in the add printer wizard 
even though the documentation on the web page for hplip says it should 
be there . Thanks for the work with that one Kris , but unfortunately 
it's a no go here . BMPx errors out when I try to install via ports . :( 
Sound works great this time around . Hopefully the major changes are 
done with and some incremental , functional changes can be made .

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