[PC-BSD Testing] Not shutting down smoothly

John Stokes airy at netspace.net.au
Thu Sep 18 13:49:05 PDT 2008

One little issue I have with PC-BSD final at the moment is problems 
shutting down.
Last night when I shut down I got a white screen instead and I have not 
been able to  shut down cleanly
since the Beta releases. I thought it might be me trying various things 
out (like loading
Xara X from Freshports) but I have a fresh Final install and am 
experiencing the same

I find when I press the power off button quickly the system will 
shutdown but every time I
start now I am getting "warning: /was not properly dismounted" warning 
and then sys checks
every time I start up the computer which is a bit of a pain.

I often leave applications open on the desktop when I shutdown (notably 
Firefox & Konqueror)
but have even tried shutting everything down and this morning the system 
tried to load Konqueror
& system settings although I had cleaned the slate as it were.It would 
appear that Freebsd/KDE  is screwing
up the shutdown/startup  sequence...

Also when I tried to set Firefox as default browser in system default 
applications it still gives "pbi-firefox3"
in the dialog and doesn't work :-( .

Other than that a great release. I was pleased to see all the extras 
appear such as " Password and User account".
One little extra - under "about me" in the system settings the little 
square image cannot be changed with either
the user or su. Any fix for this or just a not enabled future feature??


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