[PC-BSD Testing] Vanishing partition during installation

Walt Pawley walt at wump.org
Tue Sep 16 02:28:14 PDT 2008

At 4:13 PM -0700 9/14/08, DragonFlier wrote:

>I believe Kris did some work on this in beta2 but not sure if
>this was the problem he solved or not.

I must have just stumbled into the end of the BETA process. So,
I d/l-d the PCBSD7 release DVD iso and did another install.
This time, when I clicked the first drive, it showed four
partitions, three of which had OSs installed and the 2 MB
vestige of free space for the fourth. This latter partition did
NOT show up the when I did the BETA install at all.

Then I clicked on the second drive and it showed it's two
partitions (has me wondering if there isn't a tail end Charlie
out there that's not being displayed but I didn't look into
that at the time). When I clicked back to the first drive to
continue the install, there were only three partitions showing
- the third being the earlier BETA install. It would seem this
issue has something to do with not handling free space
partitions correctly.

After that, the install went without incident over the BETA version.

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