[PC-BSD Testing] Beta 2 Realtek AC97 Sound missiing

Peter Brewster peter.brewster at comcast.net
Mon Sep 15 17:28:04 PDT 2008

Installed Beta 2 without problem.  Looks very nice.  Too quiet however.  

Mobo is ASUS OEM'd to Compaq a few years back.  Sound is on-board Realtek AC97.  Sound worked fine with W2K a month ago.  Double-checked that speakers work and they are plugged in correct place.

Sound was probably missing on Beta 1 also - I never checked.

1)  System sound setup "looks ok"  - no messages, etc.  Tray volume is at 75%.

2)  There is no sound on bootup or shutdown.  Should there be?

3)  Did a PBI of VLC player.  No difference.

4)  Is there a "test sound" feature in FreeBSD or PCBSD?  I did not see any mention in Help or Forums.

5)  Is there a reasonably handy way to see what the OS thinks is has for hardware and the associated drivers, etc?

6)  I'm pretty thin (and old - makes a neo-newbie?) on Unix - but persistent.  Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Peter Brewster
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