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DragonFlier dracheflieger at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 16:11:19 PDT 2008

I can confirm this also happens to me on occasion. Don't know why.  It never
plays the exit sound so I know it happens before that point. I can bring up
a console and manually do a shutdown -p now and it will shut down normally.

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 7:03 AM, Yvan Martin <navyn5 at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Hello,
> I just installed PC-BSD Beta (2?) and found that I still has a problem
> when quitting the session. When I click on "Leave" from the menu and I
> choose to either Shutdown or Restart my screen goes blank right away and
> I am left with a white cursor on a black screen and no further action
> follows.
> To actually terminate my PC-BSD session, I must use Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
> to force the X windows session to log me off and re-choose Shutdown or
> Restart from the Session Menu.
> This was not the case with the early Aplhas, but appeared in the last
> one or two.
> I run an AMDx2 3800+ on Asus A8N-E. I realize that ultimately the 64bit
> version may be better suited when available, but I though it worth to
> report.
> Thank you.
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