[PC-BSD Testing] Vanishing partition during installation

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Sun Sep 14 13:26:31 PDT 2008

Bill Leeper пишет:
> Is the space you are talking about free space? If so that problem has  
> been around for awhile. The free space shows up when you boot up to  
> install, but when you click on a drive and then come back it is  
> gone.   :-)

This is not good behavior anyway.
Imageine, average user with two (or more) hard drives want to make a
step into world of PC-BSD. He boot to installer, then see all his HDDs.
He don't remeber to where he is going install, so he made a setup of
partition, then swucthes drive, to make sure it was crrect drive, feel
satisfaction, switch back... and there is nothing :(
It's first time he is dissapointed, and because of that he is have no
enthusiasm after that, he is proven that even install is little buggy,
what could be said about OS itself?

I think that installer should be as smart as can be, and all cases
should works well, even if they have no sense at all :)

I'll try to look into it anyway.

> BTW, we are almost neighbors. I live in Newport, but grew up in  
> Sutherlin.
> On Sep 14, 2008, at 11:50 AM, Walt Pawley wrote:
>> I recently installed PCBSD7-beta-1 on a box here and
>> encountered a peculiar behavior in the process.
>> During my first boot of the DVD, I decided to look at the
>> partition arrangement on both of the two SATA hard disks I have
>> in the box. Clicking on the first drive, all three partitions
>> I'd previously created appeared, the third of which is where I
>> intended to put PCBSD. I clicked the second drive to look at
>> its partition structure (two - they were fine).
>> Then I clicked back to the first drive, thinking I'd select the
>> third partition and proceed with the install. But the third
>> partition did not reappear. I clicked about some to see if that
>> made any difference and finally decided to reboot on the DVD.
>> When it arrived at the partition selection window, I clicked
>> the first drive. All three partitions appeared once again. I
>> selected the third and continued the install, which proceeded
>> uneventfully and appears to work just fine.
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