[PC-BSD Testing] Charlie & The root and others

flat.rose flat.rose at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 16:42:23 PDT 2008

Ok, here I go:

1. I'm running beta1 as a root user for about one month already and got one
strange question: "Charlie and the root"? XD. It's funny to see that as a
login name for the main user and I really like that movie and Johnny Depp,
but is there any way to change that? And is there any way to delete the user
I've created before allowing root logins in the system?

2. System Settings -> System Manager. haven't seen if the `Apply` button
works in there but in here I can't change any of those Kernel/Misc settings
cuz Apply button is always inactive for me.

3. Kfind is abit too slow, I've notices that even in linux before and in
kde3 even. Is there any way to tune that thing up or it's a normal thing
because of the file indexes?

4. Thank you.
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