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Fri Sep 12 16:31:07 PDT 2008

That's just great! How's about patching the game and using blizzard patch
Downloader? Is there any trouble with addons, and maybe any pluses over
running WoW on Windows?

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 8:33 PM, Sam Fourman Jr. <sfourman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello testing list,
> We have done some testing With PC_BSD 7 beta 2 (Thank you to Bill
> Leeper for uploading it)
> We are happy to report that World of Warcraft works flawlessly in
> PCBSD 7 Beta 2, with near Windows XP performance
> All KDE4 specific issues appear to have vanished, through all the
> alpha's and even Beta 1, there were several nagging issues that appear
> to be fixed.
> Here is a List of what we tried,
> The Installer works straight from the discs no trouble here at all
> There are no weird adverse performance issues specific to PC-BSD
> anymore(some showed up with KDE4 esp in shatarath city)
> other than the normal (Slow performance if you run in Direcrt 3D mode,
> this happens on all Linux distros as well that we have tried), the
> Frame rates in OpenGL
> are almost identical to Windows XP (Using OpenGL)
> The in game voice chat works just fine, you can also use a separate
> Ventrilo 3.x client to talk but you have the PTT key problem.
> so that is why the in game chat is great.
> Antialiasing works just fine if you use nvidia-settings to override
> application settings
> The problem where running Wow in a separate x session and switching
> between x sessions in the middle of game play is fixed. Xorg no longer
> crashes in PC-BSD.
> (This Problem Appeared With KDE4)
> The Sound on PC-BSD 7 no longer is jittery on game start up, it works
> just Like FreeBSD 7 now. (This problem appeared with KDE4)
> The mouse works perfect just as in FreeBSD 7, no jerky motion to speak
> of. (This Problem Appeared with KDE4)
> The Keyboard no longer inserts 'special ASCII charters that are not on
> the keyboard' in a chat window when you type. it Works flawlessly
> exactly the same as FreeBSD 7 now.
> (this problem appeared with KDE4 as well both on USB and PS2 keyboards)
> WoW.exe no longer crashes the wine server on exit(this appeared with
> KDE4 as well)
> The Belkin n52te GamePad now works (you have to program the keys in
> windows xp first)
> All in all, We will be switching all of our Gaming computers, to
> PC-BSD 7 as our Primary WOW os.
> Thank you to the PC-BSD development team for working hard to fix these
> issues with KDE4
> Sam Fourman Jr.
> Fourman Networks
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