[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD Beta 2 Much Improved - A few suggestions.

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Sep 12 08:40:35 PDT 2008

Ian Robinson wrote:
> This is a report on PCBSD Beta 2.
> 1.  Minor Bug Crashes Konqueror:
> While using Konqueror and after (1) selecting the "Applications"
> choice from the introductory screen, and (2) selecting the choice to
> view "details," Konqueror crashes and causes a  Signal 6 (SIGABRT)
> when clicking on the "+" sign to expand the list.  This is action is
> repeatable 100% of the time.
> Instead of clicking the "+" sign, it is possible to click an
> application category and cause the list to expand one level.  You can
> click to display the second level, but no listing appears.  For
> example, the category "Education" expands to  subcategories of
> Language, Math, Misc. and Science.  Misc. should expand to Blinkin,
> EPE, Geography, and TTT, but does not.
> In contrast to Konqueror's behavior while viewing Applications, its
> behavior when viewing  directory listings is without problems.

Interesting, this should be reported to KDE then, especially since its 
repeatable 100% of the time, those bugs tend to get fixed quicker :)

> 2.  Suggestion -- add a File Manager Super User option to the Menu
> I miss having a "super user" file manager choice on the menu like you
> provided in PCBSD 1.x.  Nor am I able to  invoke #kdesu konqueror or
> #kdesu dolphin to get there.  Here is the sample report from a failed
> attempt:
> pcbsd# konqueror
> Xlib:  connection ot ":0.0" refused by server
> Xlib:  No protocol specified
> kdesu:  cannot connect to X server  :0.0
> pcbsd#
> While one can still use the command line to cp, rm, rmdir, etc.,
> having the graphic interface makes some things much easier with long,
> awkward, or bizarre file names, or file names with spaces in them,
> makes it easier to edit with the convenience of a graphic text editor,
> and makes it easier to otherwise manipulate files and directories as
> root.  Thus I'm making the suggestion to add the super user file
> viewer function back on the menu.

Done! I've added a super-user konqueror mode to the system menu now, 
works great here :)

> 3.  Find Function Broken & Suggestion to Make It a Stand-alone Entry
> on the Menu.
> The "find" function built into Dolphin and Konqueror does not work.  I
> miss the "find" function that used to be on the menu in PCBSD 1.x.

It does work, but it takes a very long time for it to open on the first 
try. If you open "top" you'll see what I mean. It must be indexing 
something, but I have yet to find what its doing and figure out how to 
cache it or speed it up. They almost should put a "please wait - 
indexing" notification into the program, so you get some warning of 
whats going on :P

> 4.  Multimedia Plays Video Files with Yellow Cast.
> After installation, the using multimedia video on my ACER portable [P4
> @1.5Ghz, built-in Intel Centrino sound, video, and wifi chips] gave
> mpg, avi, and wmv files a distinctive and disturbing yellowish cast
> that is not evident when using other applications.  It had never been
> present when using XP, or when using PCBSD releases prior to PCBSD
> Beta.  The video chip is an Intel 855 and I am using the "Intel"
> driver (not 3D enabled).  The screen is the matte LCD with the best
> resolution of 1024 x 780.  Rebooting into PCBSD did not solve this
> problem, but rebooting into XP where the videos had the "correct"
> colors and then rebooting back to PCBSD fixed the problem.  That makes
> no sense.
> Note to self -- Employer needs to replace my computer with a nice
> multi-core P4, 4 Gb RAM, 17" bright screen display, large hard disk,
> etc.

That is a head-scratcher!

Since booting into XP and rebooting back into PC-BSD fixed the issue, I 
would guess that the intel driver didn't reset some color profile data? 
Just ideas here, I'm not a driver engineer :)

  5.  Beta Makes Great Impression.
> Otherwise things are working impressively great.  The speed
> improvement is fabulous as noted by others, Dolphin has not crashed on
> me, and my ACER portable is functioning well other than the multimedia
> viewing mentioned above.
> 6.  Congratulations and Thanks for the Hard Work.
> Once again Kris and the PCBSD Development Team has done a fabulous job
> putting the desktop operating system together. I am amazed at how
> responsive Kris and the team are to fixing bugs quickly, incorporating
> suggestions, and improving the product.  It takes so much time that
> all of them must be working 12+ hours a day.  We are all deeply
> grateful for your labors.
> Ian Robinson
> Salem, Ohio

This release has been a real challenge, but I'm glad we are making so 
much progress on it. The long period of Alpha releases has really helped 
in getting a lot of these bugs ironed out, those which we can anyway :) 
I think we've probably got one of the most stable and functional KDE4 
desktops around, and I'm sure over the next months, as we issue updates 
to KDE4, we'll see most of those bugs hammered out as well.

Just as an aside, I've been VERY impressed with KDE4's compositing and 
3d effects. I've had them enabled on my main desktop for 3 days straight 
now, without a crash or any problems at all. (Using nvidia card). Compiz 
would usually only last a few hours before I had to disable it :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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