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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Sep 10 06:43:55 PDT 2008

Brian wrote:
> Yes, please e-mail the port maintainer. If he can get it updated really
> quickly, I'll be happy to include it in 7, however if he can get it done
> this week, I'll add it via online update when it finally does hit ports.
>  I just got the following reply -
> "I've just been total swamped and have had very little time to do my
> non-work related FreeBSD stuff.  If you want to try to update the
> port I'll make time to review any patches."
>  I could give it a try , but I think this is well beyond my level of 
> expertise .  I'm not even sure where to begin :(
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I took a stab at it, and was able to upgrade the hplip port to the 
latest version. It may not be perfect, but it appears to work here 
anyway. It'll be included in the final release, so hopefully your 
printer will be working now :)

If you would like to test it out, I've attached the updated port, and 
here's the install instructions:

(as root)
# cd /usr/ports/print/hplip
# make deinstall
# cd ..
# rm -rf hplip
# tar xvf <pathto>/hplip.tar
# cd hplip
# make install


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