[PC-BSD Testing] Two odd things I'm seeing

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue Sep 9 11:28:01 PDT 2008


I noticed a couple more things while playing around with display 
settings. This is running 1280x1024 on a DELL 1708FPf monitor. While 
set at that mode, I go to System Settings > Display. When the Display 
Settings screen pops up, I notice the taskbar at the bottom resizes 
to what appears to be a length suitable for 1024 x 768 display. If I 
change resolution to 1024x768 and apply setting, the taskbar 
disappears. The "Desktop" still remains with Quick Guide, PCBSD, and 
Download PBIs. I can tap the power button and it shuts down 
gracefully. Here's where it gets weird. I then boot up and it'll be 
at the 1024x768 display I set when it took a dump and the taskbar 
gets hosed, but if I go back to Display Setting and change back to 
1280x1028, the *workspace* becomes 1280x1024 but the 1024x768 desktop 
is pushed into the top left corner and I see a grey and white 
checkerboard pattern on the bottom and right of the screen. Basically 
the desktop doesn't extent the new full resolution (1280x1024) of the 
screen. The mouse does work in the full 1280x1024 workspace. Can 
anyone recreate this? This is an Intel i915G VGA adapter.

Also, if this has been reported already, just ignore it. Has the 
ability to shorten or disable to the boot counter been turned off? 
Changing it has no effect on the apply button.


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