[PC-BSD Testing] suggestions

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Sep 9 08:08:26 PDT 2008

Fabrizio Parrella wrote:
> playing around, still using VMWare:
>  - firefox 3 (installed by the installation), crashed when I visit some sites that uses jquery and JavaScript, I can give you the sites that I play with if you want to know

Since you are on a vmware test install, can you remove the FireFox3 PBI, 
and install it via ports? If those sites still crash on the port install 
of FF, then we know its an issue with FF itself. It they work, but the 
PBI FF crashes, then its a PBI program and I can look further into it :)

>  - firefox 3 (from pbi, win version) has problems with the font rendering, and still crashes (maybe this is a pbi issue? or a global FF3 problem?)

Those are a bit harder to debug, since its running wine, and wine has 
its whole set of problems :)

>  - cannot connect to my samba drivers, I was able to do so with 1.5.1.

I can connect via samba here, if you enter your system name, or IP 
manually does it bring it up?

>  - cannot save the changes that I make to the desktop: resolution, effects ON/Off.  each time that I restart I lose the resolution (but if I go into the resolution changing tool, it autoresize even before I make any changes).  the effects, ON or Off doesn't change anything, they just don't start.

This i would suspect is more from using vmware. I know that effects will 
not work in VMware, and the resolution may have some weird hiccups as 
well :)

>  - pbi icons downlaoded from pbdir display with an icon with a ? in it

This sounds like a bug in the folderview, not using our "preview" plugin 
properly. We'll look into it, and see if it can be fixed.

> I am going to reinstall the whole OS , just in case something went wrong with the first installation
> Fabry


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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