[PC-BSD Testing] Plasma/Plasmoids & More

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Sep 9 08:04:00 PDT 2008

James T. Nixon III wrote:
> A user's first impression is very important. That being said, plasma crashed
> within minutes of my first boot-up.  The widgets/plasmoids seem to crash
> quite easily in every alpha and both betas. I'm using the intel-3d-enable
> driver and have effects disabled.
> Folder view is an excellent widget and I recently discorvered you can use
> fish and smb protocols like Konqueror (pretty neat). But while
> tweaking/resizing/positioning the widget, Plasma will lock up or crash then
> scatter my widgets around the desktop.
> The first crash I encountered was when highlighting the 3 default icons in
> the Desktop Folder View and pressing the delete key. It deleted the icons,
> then turned my sceen white, and restarted plasma. However, I could not
> duplicate the crash when I restored the icons and tried hilighting/deleting
> again.  The other lock-ups and crashes were all widget/plasmoid related,
> including the Twitter Microblogging widget, which crashes Plasma every time
> and scatters my desktop :(
> Other problems include:
> System tray icons sometimes have garbled/non-transparent backgrounds...
> The Computer Administration section of System Settings should be 2 lines of
> 4 icons each to match the sections above it.  Right now it looks like it's
> wrapping.

Most of these bugs will be things which need to be fixed in KDE4 itself. 
I know plasma is improving, but as more and more users run it, more bugs 
will be found and need to be fixed. If you can easily duplicate a bug in 
KDE like that, it would be good to report it to the bugs.kde.org site, 
so we can get a KDE dev to address it.

> The WiFi tool connected to an open wifi in the area immediately, which was
> nice... But when I clicked scan it didn't list my WiFi. I did 'ifconfig -v
> wpi0 up list scan'  and it did not list my WiFi either. When I entered my
> SSID and WEP key into the GUI it connected, and now it shows up when I scan
> every time.  This worked perfectly the first time in Beta 1, so I am not
> sure what happened, or if I can repeat it without reinstalling.

I've seen this here as well on my laptop occasionally, sometimes when I 
do ifconfig wpi0 up list scan, it doesn't show any networks, but if I 
come back a minute later, it works fine. That will effect the GUI as 
well, since it piggybacks off the ifconfig scan, i suspect a driver issue :(

> The Skulpture Style from KDE-Look.org is very nice and makes windows look
> much cleaner.  It'd be nice to see it as a default style. Also, a custom
> boot screen would be nice.

That style is neat, if we a port for FreeBSD shows up, I'll maybe add it 
to our list of styles down the road :) Right now in beta2, we include 
the optional qtcurve style, which includes a gtk2 theme:


> Thanks for the great work! I look forward to doing more testing.
> --James


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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