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Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Mon Sep 8 21:20:31 PDT 2008

playing around, still using VMWare:
 - firefox 3 (installed by the installation), crashed when I visit some sites that uses jquery and JavaScript, I can give you the sites that I play with if you want to know
 - firefox 3 (from pbi, win version) has problems with the font rendering, and still crashes (maybe this is a pbi issue? or a global FF3 problem?)
 - cannot connect to my samba drivers, I was able to do so with 1.5.1.
 - cannot save the changes that I make to the desktop: resolution, effects ON/Off.  each time that I restart I lose the resolution (but if I go into the resolution changing tool, it autoresize even before I make any changes).  the effects, ON or Off doesn't change anything, they just don't start.
 - pbi icons downlaoded from pbdir display with an icon with a ? in it

I am going to reinstall the whole OS , just in case something went wrong with the first installation

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  Love it, nice and fast

  Here a list of suggestions/problems:

   - first start I setup the video to 1024x768, when I started the KDE, it was back to 800x600
   - maybe a default font smaller for the menu?
   - where is ADD/REMOVE users? need to create a "limited" user for testing
   - I was able to open 2 different update managers
   - firefox installed via "installer" and not via PBI doesn't ask me if I want to set it up as default browser
   - clicking on an email address on firefox doesn't open kmail (not even 1.5 did, but I think that would be a great think if it does without the user having to modify the configuration)
   - youtube (I was really checking flash, don't care of youtube) is very very slow.. maybe is my crapy machine.  after I close FF3, I still hear music from the video for 3 or 4 seconds.
   - shut down/restarting: I think that the default closing music is way too long

  as soon as I will be able to add a new user as limited (I know how to do it from konsolle), I will do some extra testing.

  btw, so far, I love it!!



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