[PC-BSD Testing] Plasma/Plasmoids & More

James T. Nixon III james at ixsystems.com
Mon Sep 8 16:52:13 PDT 2008

A user's first impression is very important. That being said, plasma crashed
within minutes of my first boot-up.  The widgets/plasmoids seem to crash
quite easily in every alpha and both betas. I'm using the intel-3d-enable
driver and have effects disabled.

Folder view is an excellent widget and I recently discorvered you can use
fish and smb protocols like Konqueror (pretty neat). But while
tweaking/resizing/positioning the widget, Plasma will lock up or crash then
scatter my widgets around the desktop.

The first crash I encountered was when highlighting the 3 default icons in
the Desktop Folder View and pressing the delete key. It deleted the icons,
then turned my sceen white, and restarted plasma. However, I could not
duplicate the crash when I restored the icons and tried hilighting/deleting
again.  The other lock-ups and crashes were all widget/plasmoid related,
including the Twitter Microblogging widget, which crashes Plasma every time
and scatters my desktop :(

Other problems include:
System tray icons sometimes have garbled/non-transparent backgrounds...

The Computer Administration section of System Settings should be 2 lines of
4 icons each to match the sections above it.  Right now it looks like it's

The WiFi tool connected to an open wifi in the area immediately, which was
nice... But when I clicked scan it didn't list my WiFi. I did 'ifconfig -v
wpi0 up list scan'  and it did not list my WiFi either. When I entered my
SSID and WEP key into the GUI it connected, and now it shows up when I scan
every time.  This worked perfectly the first time in Beta 1, so I am not
sure what happened, or if I can repeat it without reinstalling.

The Skulpture Style from KDE-Look.org is very nice and makes windows look
much cleaner.  It'd be nice to see it as a default style. Also, a custom
boot screen would be nice.

Thanks for the great work! I look forward to doing more testing.


James T. Nixon III
Webmaster, AdWords Specialist
Phone: (909) 912-9060
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