[PC-BSD Testing] Beta Test 2

John Stokes airy at netspace.net.au
Mon Sep 8 14:19:04 PDT 2008

Latest thoughts ,

Desktop appears a little more responsive and a lot more stable.

CD eject still nogo under Dolphin :-( .

"PCBSD Quick Guide" fails at 1.2 Cutting edge features (not present??)

When viewing another mounted volume (my 1.5.1 main drive) in the home 
directory desktop,video,documents,music,images etc
only come up with a ? sign .

When I have the Thunderbird icon on the desktop and a Thunderbird PBI , 
it only gives one Thunderbird icon (the pbi is a ?), yet if
I move the PBI into a separate directory it appears as normal??

Auto refresh under Dolphin still nogo (I'm too use to copying a file 
across to a directory and having it immediately appear there) -using
F5 to refresh it is just plain silly...

When I set the country under the installer

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