[PC-BSD Testing] btx halts on both betas

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Sep 8 12:38:51 PDT 2008

tatva wrote:
> Hi, I tried beta1&2 DVDs on an acer aspire 7520g laptop (amd turion 64 x2
> mobile tl-64, acer fuquene motheboard, nvidia nforce 560 rev. A2 chipset)
> and with every boot option i get the following:
> ACPI autoload failed-no such file or directory
> int=000000d err=00000000 efl=00010002 eip=ffffffff
> eax=ff44fd34 ebx=ff44fd34 ecx=0000003c edx=00131055
> esi=0009cbc4 edi=ff44fd34 ebp=009cbf0 esp=00864772
> cs=0008 ds=0010 es=0010 fs=0010 gs=0010 ss=0010
> cs:eip=ff 53 ff 00 f0 53 ff 00 - f0 c3 e2 00 f0 53 ff 00
>            f0 53 ff 00 f0 54 ff 00 - f0 57 a1 00 f0 33 ff 00
> ss:esp=8b 43 08 85 c0 75 0b 8b - 43 0c 85 c0 0f 84 21 01
>             00 00 cb 45 d9 1c c6 45 - d8 1c 8b 43 08 89 45 e0
> BTX halted
> (omit 1st line for the no acpi option, different numpers for beta2(i think))
> both DVDs booted on my desktop (p4) but could not get to the installation
> because that drive is almost broken (it ended hicking up on a RED_BIG NO
> SENSE error)
> I also tried the cds for b1 but on the laptop i wasn't recognised as a
> system disk (same for usb image) and on the desktop it stopped before the
> installer with a "could not mount (read?) media please contact pcbsd team
> about this problem" or something similar.
> I understand the laptop problem is a freebsd issue, but it should install on
> the p4.
> I'm going to test 1.5.1 to see if i can finally have a pcbsd experience
> (right now it's just screenshots for me)
> !DSPAM:1,48c57c3619868451260834!

BTX problems are no fun, but they will need to be fixed on the FreeBSD side.

If you don't mind:

Grab a FreeBSD 7 ISO, and confirm the bug is there as well:


If the bug still exists, can you report it to the FreeBSD team? Be sure 
to include as much HW info as you can, and hopefully they can get it 
fixed here asap.




Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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