[PC-BSD Testing] beta 2

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Sep 8 06:04:11 PDT 2008

Guys, anyone ever had experience in making bootable FAT USB-drive from 

I've installation of pcbsd in fat flash, I can (and did) successfully 
install pcbsd from this flash, only thing is - required external boot 
loader (I used pre-installed to my EEE grub);

Currently we have usb-image, which must be `dd` to USB drive. I didn't 
know easy way for average windows user to make it happen.
I have goal:
Make* *for windows-users *very user-friendly* way to get working live 
version of PcBSD, on their computers.
As of yet, I'm making FAT-based install USB Image, Live-version is still 
out there;

Usb Drive is perfect fit: No need for dvd-writers; No need for blank 
dvd-r (which could be very valuable for users, if they not 
download-it-burn-it geeks who always have a bunch of blank dvd-r ;) )

Simple format usb in FAT, *make bootable,* and extract there downlaoded 
archive, what could be easier? :) (Second item is still absent...)

Yes, there are tools under windows, similar to `dd`, and they could make 
bootable UFS USB.

But I think gave him a FAT would be a great idea, they could save on 
flash some documents, some info, they could really try to /work/ under 
PcBSD, not only look at beautiful 3d desktop, or wallpaper, or whatever.

So, I'm asking for any help, any experience in such area.

Thanks, all :)

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