[PC-BSD Testing] DRM with ati doesnt work: R500 support

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Sep 8 05:57:10 PDT 2008

>Would you mind try probing dmesg again, after booting in verbose mode?
>But what also strikes me is:
> > (WW) RADEON(0): R500 support is under development. Please report any
> >issues to xorg-driver-ati at lists.x.org
>Might be worth asking on the freebsd-multimedia list if their DRI can
>yet support this chipset. But a good bet to tell if it does support is
>to run
># pciconf -lv
>And see if the card has either vesa0 or drm0 attached to it. vesa
>means that it is probably not yet supported, whereas drm means you are
>/browsing freebsd mailing lists

 From what I can tell, R500 support was added in the recent xorg 1.5.


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