[PC-BSD Testing] Beta 1 balky using 8GB Thumb, contention issue?

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Sun Sep 7 20:47:48 PDT 2008

would be worth to include a full locate DB that naturally doesn't include the user folder ?

it would make it faster to find programs.. or maybe fill up the locate DB at the first RUN, or right after the installation, as a last step before the reboot...

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  I've been strictly running off of a HD but the /dev folder will always show heavy usage as it's more or less a set of mounts for devices on your system. Also, some things run for the first time take a bit. I was ready to report that Find Files and Folders didn't work but it finally popped up...I'm sure that it was first running a 'usr/libexec/locate.updatedb' to initialize the locate database but nothing ever notified the end user. Now it opens almost immediately. Also you were using beta1. Beta2 incorporates more recent improvements in speed and rule sets.

  On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 3:26 PM, Peter Brewster <peter.brewster at comcast.net> wrote:

    System is 2.8 MHz Celeron with .75 GB RAM, no hard drive, USB 2.0.

    1)  System had been in use with Xububtu on an 8 GB Ocz thumb.  Very nice except an occasional one to two second "balk" when launching a new application or scrolling in Firefox.

    2)  Removed Ocz and plugged in a new SanDisk thumb, fresh from package.  Tried to install from net.  DHCP was OK and target FTP was correct.  File system went in OK.  Looks like install died on first file needed.  Gave that up.

    3)  Burned a three-CD beta-1 set.  Installed with Firefox, Office and Development selected on third CD.  Install took about three hours but went OK.  However from the first reboot some operations took several minutes, either to launch or to so something simple such as pull down a menu.  But the actions generally seemed correct if I waited long enough.  Now and then a launch would just get lost - including that doggone bouncing thing.    The thumb drive had about 900 MB free.  System was basically unusable.

    4)  Removed the SanDisk thumb and WinXP formatted it.  (This left the U3 partition of 65 MB.  That's OK.)  Reinstalled just the two CDs.  Took about two-plus hours.  Now KDisk Free shows /dev/da0s1a as 76% used with 1.8 GB free.   /dev/md0 is 8% used with 700 MB free.  This looks OK to me.  However there is no apparent change in the balky behavior.  I notice that often, while waiting seconds to minutes for some function to appear, clicking on something else will cause the first item to happen.  I've seen this behavior when installing very fast disks on systems that worked well with slower disks - usually resolved by paying attention to relative priorities.  So system is still not usable.

    Kris - KDisk also shows a line entry "devfs   ?  1 KB   100% used  0 free" and the thermometer is filled with red.  No slashes around devfs.  I have no idea what that is about and don't know if it is a concern.

    Peter Brewster

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