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Sat Sep 6 17:34:32 PDT 2008

1. Heard of that while were seeking for a plugin but there's no info how to
set it up working for firefox. Maybe ucould share a link or explain in a few
strokes, please?

2. Theme data is not mortal I think, the main idea is to have version
designed for kde4 (e.g. ktorrent 3.1.x, not 2.2.x).in case to have a
ready-to-patch application installed awaiting for update. I'm compiling
ktorrent 3.1.2 right now, so gonna check what's there black and what's not

3. I'm really not sure if it's video driver issue 'cuz it was working ~bad~
on fedora9, ~good~ on openSuse11 and it's not working in here but I'll find
out the reason sooner or later. The problem is mainly about "Suspend to RAM"
and "Suspend to disk" menu items in KdeMenu -> Leave -> <Section above
"System">. On OpenSUSE there was an app called *Suspend*, after installing
which, there u could see 2 buttons for Suspeding. Maybe there's a port for

On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 4:20 AM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.com> wrote:

> flat.rose wrote:
> > Hey there, geeks and just geniuses!
> > I'm using firefox3 on pc-bsd atm, and trying to make flash-plugin working
> on
> > my machine. Read MBs of advices (like install linux-firefox and use
> > linux-flash, or use nspluginwrapper etc...). What I heard lately was a
> good
> > news from Adobe. They've promised to release fp9 under FreeBSD (= PC-BSD
> too

> > ofc woohoo) and fp10 beta too. When's that gonna be available? How to
> watch
> > videos online until that?
> Right now we do include swfdec as a flash plugin with PC-BSD7, which
> does work in FireFox and Opera. However, it doesn't support Konq :( At
> the moment, thats about all we can do, until Adobe makes the release
> available. Of course, you can use the Win Firefox with Flash 9 in a pinch
> :P
> > Second thing is that I saw alot of PBIs o' applications like KTorrent and
> > they worked good enough but the problem is that PC-BSD 7.0 is using KDE4
> and
> > those ports are for KDE3. That's neither comfortable nor lookin' good or
> my
> > red eyes. ^^
> Yea, that is kinda pain right now, QT3 / KDE3 apps don't read the same
> theme data from QT4/KDE4, however, some of the ports like KTorrent, K3B,
> Amarok and others are working on (or have already) releasing KDE4 native
> versions, and I expect to have PBIs of them made available shortly after
> they hit the FreeBSD ports tree.
> > Third Question is about Suspending the system. I have an old but lovely
> Acer
> > TravelMate 2310 (2313WLMI) and the only way I can set my mate asleep is
> to
> > press Fn+F4 (Zzz-button). It works but after that I have to reboot my
> book
> > 'cuz I can't see the damn thing on my screen - everythin' is squizzin'
> > jumpin' bouncin' so u've got it. I've been using gnu/linux on this laptop
> > before so it were a really good boy and it slept well.
> >
> > Cheers.
> Maybe a video driver issue? What video card is on that notebook?
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