[PC-BSD Testing] Flash Player and some KDE apps

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Sat Sep 6 17:20:41 PDT 2008

flat.rose wrote:
> Hey there, geeks and just geniuses!
> I'm using firefox3 on pc-bsd atm, and trying to make flash-plugin working on
> my machine. Read MBs of advices (like install linux-firefox and use
> linux-flash, or use nspluginwrapper etc...). What I heard lately was a good
> news from Adobe. They've promised to release fp9 under FreeBSD (= PC-BSD too
> ofc woohoo) and fp10 beta too. When's that gonna be available? How to watch
> videos online until that?

Right now we do include swfdec as a flash plugin with PC-BSD7, which 
does work in FireFox and Opera. However, it doesn't support Konq :( At 
the moment, thats about all we can do, until Adobe makes the release 
available. Of course, you can use the Win Firefox with Flash 9 in a pinch :P

> Second thing is that I saw alot of PBIs o' applications like KTorrent and
> they worked good enough but the problem is that PC-BSD 7.0 is using KDE4 and
> those ports are for KDE3. That's neither comfortable nor lookin' good or my
> red eyes. ^^

Yea, that is kinda pain right now, QT3 / KDE3 apps don't read the same 
theme data from QT4/KDE4, however, some of the ports like KTorrent, K3B, 
Amarok and others are working on (or have already) releasing KDE4 native 
versions, and I expect to have PBIs of them made available shortly after 
they hit the FreeBSD ports tree.

> Third Question is about Suspending the system. I have an old but lovely Acer
> TravelMate 2310 (2313WLMI) and the only way I can set my mate asleep is to
> press Fn+F4 (Zzz-button). It works but after that I have to reboot my book
> 'cuz I can't see the damn thing on my screen - everythin' is squizzin'
> jumpin' bouncin' so u've got it. I've been using gnu/linux on this laptop
> before so it were a really good boy and it slept well.
> Cheers.

Maybe a video driver issue? What video card is on that notebook?


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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