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> If I'm not mistaken, you don't really need hpijs because the hplip port
> includes all the same drivers right? However I did notice that I was
> missing foomatic-db-hpijs from the system, maybe that is what we need
> for the drivers to show up?
> If anybody has a HP print / scan and can confirm a fix to make it work,
> please let me know. I have no way of testing it here.
> Tried the foomatic port , no dice . My printer is listed at
> http://hplip.sourceforge.net/models/deskjet_aio/deskjet_f2100_series.html. I'm guessing we are between useful version of hplip . I had to drowngrade
> my HP drivers in Mandriva last year to fix the same problem - I don't
> suppose that's possible with the ports system ?

I got printing to work on our HP Laserjet 8000 by using
http://localhost:631(Or on the kicker, Applications -> System ->
Manage Printing)...  It'd be
nice to see KDE release a new tool for printing :)

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