[PC-BSD Testing] Problem install Fibonacci Beta 1

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Sep 2 12:37:27 PDT 2008

TooMany Secrets wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 1:05 PM, TooMany Secrets <toomany at toomany.net> wrote:
>> The first part (partitioning disk) is an issue of a feature? I say
>> this because I can see this behavior since the begining of PCBSD. Why
>> we cannot delete partitions to make free space (for example) using the
>> "advanced mode"?
>> The second part, I don't know if is it a bug, or something like it (is a beta).
>> I hope to help with this to this wonderful freebsd based operating
>> system oriented to desktop.
> Another "feature" is the password field, for root and user; why I
> cannot put ",", ".", ";", or something else for a secure password?

This has been changed now, for both the root and user passwords you 
should be able to throw anything at it, and it'll work :)

> I'm trying now to make another installation, with the same
> characteristics like the last exposed, but the difference is the
> filesystem is "UFS2+SOFTUPDATES" (not GJOURNAL).
> Ok, the problem is the same; around the 73% of installation, the same error:
> /: write failed, filesystem is full

How much disk space are you setting up on /? That normally shouldn't 
happen if you give it larger than 6GB or so :)

> Third try (a possible typo error in disk configure): only change the
> extra packages for select only Firefox and Opera. (Forgot to say that
> the root partition is 71 Gb, and swap is 3'5 Gb).
> Also, I don't wait the window error into the X session; I'm into the
> ttyv0, seeing the log into stdout of it.... Ok, Now I don't have any
> error at the momment (St. Murphy, don't listen me...).
> 99 % completed and no errors!! Reboot system. All seems fine. But at
> boot... where is the grub loader? I'm sure I'm marked it...

Grub? We don't use grub here, just plain old BSD boot-loader, but you 
are welcome to setup grub if you like. I'm more partial to GAG 
personally though.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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