[PC-BSD Testing] ASUS M2N-SLI nForce 560 sound vs 7.0.1 ia64?

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Oct 28 08:30:01 PDT 2008

Walt Pawley wrote:
> On 10/27/08 11:12 PM -0400, Brodey Dover wrote:
>> xcellent! Kind of...let us load the sndstat kernel module then shall we?
> I can relate to "Kind of ..."    ;-)
>> # kldload sndstat
> I tried that. It barfed. I mucked about some to see if I could
> make sense out of why. No real luck but while examining the
> handbook page on sound, it mentioned that when in doubt, do ...
> root at amd64# kldload -v snd_driver
> Loaded snd_driver, id=5
> ... which had the curious effect of sticking a sndstat "device"
> into the /dev directory.
> root at amd64# ls /dev
> acd0       atkbd0     dvd        lpt0       nfs4       ttyd0.init ttyvc
> acpi       audit      fd         lpt0.ctl   nfslock    ttyd0.lock ttyvd
> ad0        bpf0       fido       md0        null       ttyp0      ttyve
> ad0s1      cd0        fw0        mdctl      pass0      ttyp1      ttyvf
> ad0s2      cdrom      fw0.0      mem        pci        ttyv0      ugen0
> ad0s2a     console    fwmem0     midistat   pf         ttyv1      ugen0.1
> ad0s2b     consolectl fwmem0.0   msdosfs    ppi0       ttyv2      uhid0
> ad0s2c     ctty       geom.ctl   net        ptyp0      ttyv3      ukbd0
> ad0s3      cuad0      io         net1       ptyp1      ttyv4      ums0
> ad0s3a     cuad0.init kbd0       net2       random     ttyv5      urandom
> ad0s3b     cuad0.lock kbd1       net3       sndstat    ttyv6      usb
> ad0s3c     dcons      kbd2       net4       stderr     ttyv7      usb0
> ad1        devctl     kbdmux0    net5       stdin      ttyv8      usb1
> ad1s1      devstat    klog       net6       stdout     ttyv9      xpt0
> ad1s2      dgdb       kmem       net7       sysmouse   ttyva      zero
> ata        dumpdev    log        network    ttyd0      ttyvb
> So, I did this ...
> root at amd64# cat /dev/sndstat
> FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 64bit 2007061600/amd64)
> Installed devices:
> ... not that I have a clue what it really means.
> Does it not seem peculiar that an OS trying to support Joe User
> would not at least do something to deal with sound? I'm used to
> the idea that raw FreeBSD can be mind bogglingly opaque. But
> I'm also used the idea of installing Mac OS X and having things
> "just work." (Well, for the most part, anyway ;-))
> Did I miss a checkbox or button sometime during the install or
> something?


When you started up the desktop, did you get some kind of error 
notifying you that sound couldn't be detected? Normally our tools 
auto-detect sound, and set it up in the background for you.

If you can, send me this log, and I should be able to figure out whats 
wrong. Its probably just a case of the wrong module being loaded. (Or 
maybe the module is loading, and this card isn't supported yet, thats 
possible as well)

# pciconf -vl > pciconf.out


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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