[PC-BSD Testing] ASUS M2N-SLI nForce 560 sound vs 7.0.1 ia64?

Brodey Dover pcfxer at rogers.com
Mon Oct 27 14:19:20 PDT 2008

Hello Walt,

Okay, as with any sound issues you want to do the following:

cat /dev/sndstat in the terminal and kldstat as well, please post the 
shell outputs.


Walt Pawley wrote:
> I've not had much time to experiment with 64-bit PCBSD 7.0.1 of
> late so I was hoping to get some better data before crying to
> the list. FWIW: I'm not a strong PC person either - I've been
> living a coddled Macintosh life for a long time. A mojor motive
> for my fiddling PCBSD is to show it off to a bunch of Mac
> bigots.
> Unfortunately, I can't get sound out of the motherboard with
> PCBSD, though most everything else I've fooled with seems to
> work reasonably well so far. Any quick fixes for this? Any
> advice on how to troubleshoot it?
> FWIW: Windows XP has no trouble with the sound (big surprise,
> given a specific set of drivers for XP from ASUS). Something of
> a surprise, my experimenting with setting the machine up as
> Hackintosh manages to produce sound as well. PCBSD has it over
> hacked Mac OS X in that the mother board LAN works just fine
> (not tested at "industrial strength") in PCBSD but even though
> there's a choice of drivers that are supposed to work with
> nForce motherboard ethernet in Hack OS X's, none of them seem
> to work. Now ... if we could just get the two camps to work
> together, they'd both get better. ;-)

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