[PC-BSD Testing] Better nVidia Driver for PCBSD 7 AMD64?

Yvan Martin navyn5 at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 26 16:30:26 PDT 2008

I just installed the version 7.0.1 of PCBSD 7 for AMD64. It seems to 
work fairly well so far. I was surprised of not finding an nVidia 
numbered driver (177.80) that I could choose from when installing. I 
used the generic "nv" driver which never worked that well before and not 
surprisingly it does not really work properly (as with previous versions 
the objects in the desktop  folder  pop-up when  I run my pointer  over 
them, but disappear as soon as the screen is refreshed. Is there a PBI 
file I could download with a better driver for my nVidia GT7600?


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