[PC-BSD Testing] Panic from ZFS

Edward O'Callaghan victoredwardocallaghan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 21:30:47 PDT 2008


You can get version 6 of zfs to panic in FreeBSD by doing the following;
* Have 512 or less MB of RAM
* Fill most of your zpool up then run a zpool scrub on the pool..

This is a out-of-memory kernel panic that particularly affects i386.

My suggested work around is to put the following into loader.conf

N.B. Disabling ZIL can have serious consequences depending on your workload.
FreeBSD 8 upgrades ZFS to version 11. However I am not sure how this
affects things as this only happens on FreeBSD and not Solaris.

Kris, As I said before. I highly recommend you disable ZFS support on
32bit systems with less then 1gb of ram else people _could_ lose data

Hope this helps PC-BSD folk..
Best Regards,

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