[PC-BSD Testing] Peculiar shutdown of 7.0.1 ia64

Arthur a-koziol at neiu.edu
Thu Oct 23 04:57:51 PDT 2008

>Thanks to my ineptitude with the meaning of various gibberish
>presented by the BIOS in my computer, I've now installed PCBSD
>7.0.1 from DVD twice. The second installation was unnecessary;
>purely a brain-phert.
>However, it brought a peculiarity to my attention. It might
>have nothing to do with just having installed it, but my memory
>recalls being surprised by this behavior the first time I
>installed it.
>Since I'm just messing around with this for the time being, I
>shut the computer down for the night. After selecting this from
>the menu on the bottom left (whatever it's properly named), my
>screen goes dark grey. Nothing much seems to be going on but
>burning juice and spinning fans. It seems willing to do this
>until the cows come home; longer, even. After considerable time
>- say enough to watch a sitcom - I'll try to get its attention.
>Nothing much seems to work ... except CNTL-ALT-DEL.
>Hitting that key combo changes the display to something that
>has a choice to shutdown on it. The mouse works again, so it
>can be chosen. Doing so, brings up yet another window from
>which one can choose to shutdown. Clicking that button finally
>will shut the computer down.
>All this seems like a pretty convoluted, user unfriendly approach to me.
>Is this normal?

I have observed this as well and it is not always repeatable. Sometimes
issuing a shutdown from start menu will shutdown. Sometimes, no so much.
When it seems to have gotten "stuck, I find that I can usually just punch the
power button once and let it shut down the ACPI way.


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