[PC-BSD Testing] 7.01 Stuff

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Oct 22 07:26:31 PDT 2008

DragonFlier wrote:
> Installed fine.
> Trashed my .cshrc though. I keep a backup so no problem
> I can't live with the new konsole prompt. The hash mark means you are root.
> Having it there all the time just doesn't work for me.
> I use:" set prompt = "%m:%B[%/]%b %# " and that allows the # to show only
> when you su to root or login as root to a shell.

Fixed now in SVN. This was a mistake in my part when doing the commits, 
put the wrong one in the wrong directory.


If anybody wants to restore the "%" in the meantime, simply edit .cshrc 
in your homedir and change the "#" to "%", easy enough :)

> Flash in FF3 crashes...twice now...first time I don't know why, second time
> with a right click on the player on youtube. Restarting FF makes it go
> again. When it works, it works fine though. nba.com has always been my test
> for flash.

Yea, it works great when it works, but it tends to crash more often than 
it needs to, probably due to something in the linux emulation. We have 
somebody starting on the native flash port in a week, and hopefully 
switching to it down the road will fix these crashes. Then at least when 
flash dies, it should be an actual flash bug, and not some weird linux 
syscall anyway :)

> Using the Desktop Effects still causes 3d games (cube) to stutter along but
> that's more than likely something KDE & nVidia need to reconcile.

Correct, the 177.80 driver is better, but nvidia still has a few things 
to go to make it work perfect :)

If you or anybody continue to find nvidia bugs, please be sure to report 
them to nvidia, as I've done with the slow desktop click performance:


> Installed the system update first, then the two PBIs. They are MIA. No
> results in the Menu Updating Tool nor do they exist in the Programs folder
> or the Software Add/Remove. This is the result of a find for opera

Several folks have reported this with the update to OO 3.0. I'm looking 
into it now, to find out why the PBIs aren't getting installed properly.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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