[PC-BSD Testing] Patch 7.0.1 first experiences

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Oct 22 05:45:30 PDT 2008

>Interesting, I just did an update via the system update tool of OO 2.4.1
>-> 3.0.0, and it worked fine. I'll have to continue to investigate this,
>maybe the PBI didn't get downloaded properly?


I downloaded and burned the 7.0.1 DVD ISO, installed the system 
fresh, and did the
update to Open Office 3.0.0 and it did wipe out 2.4.1 and did not 
install 3.0.0.

By the way, nice to see the addition of a whole slew of other goodies 
on the 7.0.1
image, especially Filezilla and the RDP client. I think it's even 
faster that the Microsoft
RDP 6.1 client. Love it! One suggestion though, maybe the next time 
you refresh the
image, throw the Java 6.0 runtime on there as an installable option / 
package? Had
no problem grabbing and installing it from pbidir but some things I 
do require Java.


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