[PC-BSD Testing] Patch 7.0.1 first experiences

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Oct 20 11:56:56 PDT 2008

>Thats probably because the KDE4 bin / libraries are almost 1/5 the size
>now, which helps a lot in loading :)

Sweet! Less truly is more.

>Interesting, I just did an update via the system update tool of OO 2.4.1
>-> 3.0.0, and it worked fine. I'll have to continue to investigate this,
>maybe the PBI didn't get downloaded properly?

I was going to wipe the system and try it again to see if it is just 
me or what.
Is there any way to reset or wipe out the updater's info that says 
which updates
have been downloaded so as to basically force a rescan and re-download via sys

>Sounds like a KDE4 bug to me, but their bugdb is down right now, so I
>can't check if this has been reported yet :) Once it comes back up we
>should check and report it.
>They probably need to include a fix to resize it after changing fonts.

Probably is. I didn't futz with it until this time around so I never 
noticed it before.
Heh, 4.1.3 is about 2 weeks away IF they get it out the door on time. Perhaps
they know about it and will squash it then.


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