[PC-BSD Testing] Patch 7.0.1 first experiences

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Oct 20 10:30:44 PDT 2008

> > The online update to 7.0.1 is now available via the SystemUpdater tool.
> > Its a rather hefty patch, since it updates KDE to 4.1.2, and some other
> > packages as well. Here's a link to the patch details for it:
> >
> > http://www.pcbsd.org/content/view/79/30/
> >
> > New ISO's for i386 / amd64 will be available shortly as well, which fix
> > the 256MB of RAM install bug, along with the other things mentioned in
> > the patch details.
> >
> > We will be trying to release these point upgrades every month or so,
> > with the latest packages / KDE updates, along with bug fixes. Please
> > keep reporting issues you run across so we can get them fixed and rolled
> > into future updates.


Just finished installing the 7.0.1 update and here's a few notes on 
things I've noticed:

1) Boot time seems a bit faster. Shutdown / Reboot seems a bit faster.

2) Ran the updated to grab OpenOffice 3.0.0 and Opera 9.60_1 as well 
and after installing they do not appear in the Office or Internet 
menus and have taken the original Opera and
OpenOffice 2.4.1 with them. Nowhere to be found. Looked in Programs 
folder but nothing there either. Borked?

3) Not sure if this was mentioned already, but try and right-click on 
the clock and choose Digital Clock Settings. If you check on Show 
Date + Show Day of The Week, and click OK, it does fit the width of 
the clock settings. However, if you also add Show Year, the farthest 
left and farthest right characters of the date info get cut off. It 
seems the width is not wide enough to accommodate the whole thing. At 
least not with the default Denmark font. Changed it to Sans Serif and 
it seemed to fix it. Rebooted and the date info is cut off again. 
Additionally, now the font has reverted to Helvetica. Setting it back 
to Denmark and rebooting does keep Denmark as a font after it reboots.


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