[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD amd64 test ISO!

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Thu Oct 9 03:45:54 PDT 2008

Okay, tested amd64 version.

   1. Selected Russian language = License agreement and localized
      PBI-description went wrong encoding
   2. nv driver rendered "desktop" invisible, icons only seen when
      clicked (KDE's issue)
   3. The main and worse thing. Java. It's very sluggish :( Firstly I
      tested Intellij IDEA on my EEE, I thought my laptop wasn't fast
      enough, but now I've tested it on my work PC - same thing.
      Load average > 6, mouse cursor is freezing with period about few
      seconds. This happens on both i386 (my EEE) and amd64 (my work
      pc). I started separate X session, without anything, no kde, no
      window manager = same result. BTW, I have few servers (amd64 7.0)
      with heavyweight java apps there, all works fine. So, I suggest
      this is some graphics issue (maybe Java to Xorg)
   4. no nvidia driver (yes, I know, there a lot must be done in kernel
      for this happen :) )
   5. Several russian-translation typos in installer (I think I could
      fix them a bit later)
   6. pfbuilder looks fine, all network cards configured ok (there was
      issue where config window didn't pop)

So, unfortunately for me, I'm staying yet with 1.5, until I could work 
normally under 7.0 (which not really depends on PC-BSD team)

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