[PC-BSD Testing] pcbsd7 amd64 test ISO -minor issues

marsh marshc187 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 05:47:20 PDT 2008

first of all thanks, even more so for the flash9 bonus  - (first time 
ever beat port.com is reachable on any bsd. it uses both java and 
flash9, and I have been steaming sample tracks all morning in Firefox 3 
pbi off disk - no problems with Firefox yet (as per other reports). may 
be coincidence, but during install setup i don't usually select any 
components (pbi, src, ports, or other kde components) and go for the 
cleanest install. then i install all of them after a reboot from  
Add/remove. even k3b installed and worked ok - detects drives, checksums 
ISOs - but haven't burnt anything,

1 minor problem with Firefox.

    when i downloaded a bpi and chose OPEN or OPEN Cont. folder, a
    dialog runs to select the application to open with - i chose  the
    bpi setup script, and the first run script, and both give an error
    as if i am trying to install firefoc, and not whatever bpi. - one
    said Firefox is already installed, and i have to remove it first.
    the other just asked if i wanted to make Firefox default browser.

1 other minor issue was a crash and auto reboot mid-way during my first 
install attempt.

think this is due to my own mistake with custom partitioning, not sure, 
but might need attention anyway.
I resized root, swap and set usr and home on their own partition each, 
but must have left HOME set at just 1MB on first attempt, rushing 
through setup, assuming it was using all remaining space. I realized my 
mistake on second install.

all in all no freezes, program crashes, serious problems yet, thank god 
(+you guys) for x64.

wine will get there, gave nvidia card  to a friend  - we'll see.

thanks again

athlon 64 X2 939
asus A8N-sli
2gb DDR (crap! - not ddr2)
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