[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 7 : Wireless SSID with Multiple Spaces

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I think I have posted this previously..if not HURT ME!

Network Manager does NOT apply settings to ifconfig at all. In PCBSD 1.x I found that NM would apply settings to ifconfig (that is what it is supposed to do) and to rc.conf such that, upon the next boot up it would try to connect to your past AP automatically. I am still waiting for a patch on this.

Now, here is a temporary solution example:
OPEN, wep encrypted network with non-broadcasted ssid.

ifconfig iwi0 ssid AlgKeyWLAN authmode open wepmode on deftxkey 1 weptxkey 1 wepkey 802114afee up

ssid "Your SSID here" 
authmode OPEN (check ifconfig if this doesn't apply)
wepmode for encrypted connections
deftxkey (key index)
weptxkey (key index...apparently it was needed to force my Intel to connect)
wepkey (your wepkey...add 0x in front if in hex)
up (sets the network adapter up...this generally runs associate on the card depending on driver...iwi seems to run associate when this is used).

iwi0 also happens (for me) to have less connection strength in PCBSD7 (FBSD7.x), if you get connected can you confirm this?

You will have to wait for NM to associate and check up on ifconfig iwi0 (to see if your settings aren't being discarded). Only until NM states some association will dhclient iwi0. You probably get no link.... (My new favourite enemy btw).

PS, I am running this on a wireless connection right now.


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Hi There
I have issues connecting to a SSID with Multiple Spaces , the utility
doesn't work,
the SSID looks like this 'test 1 2' if I specify
 - ifconfig iwi0 ssid "test 1 2"
and doing a dhclient iwi0 it works


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