[PC-BSD Testing] Removable media

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Oct 1 06:25:55 PDT 2008

> > Yesterday I've mounted (only mounted - nothing more) my player with FAT fs
> > to my laptop with PC-BSD and today, about 15 mins ago I've got nullified
> > player. So it's not only working wrong, it even cracks my flash-memory each
> > time I mount it. I'm still gonna try that stuff u told me, Brodey, but it's
> > gonna be done at late night when I don't need to rush anywhere. =\ And I'm
> > an optimist too yeah.
> >
>I've been using some FAT formatted USB sticks here, and no problem so
>far. You are un-mounting them before unplugging it right? If you can
>test it via the command-line as suggested, and confirm that it still
>corrupts the FAT tables, we'll need to report this bug with details to
>the FreeBSD team right away:
>Its possible that mount_msdosfs is buggy in this case?


I've been sort of loosely watching this thread. Is there any easy 
test this to see if this is isolated perhaps to certain chipsets on 
certain mothers boards (AMD chipset v. Intel v. NForce v. VIA, etc.) 
that the rest of us can test and confirm? Typically, USB flash drives 
UNDER 2GB will come out of the factory formatted to 2GB. Anything 
OVER 2GB has ot be FAT32 or some other size due to FATs 2GB ceiling. 
I've tried my 4GB and 8GB Sandisk drives with no loss or data error 
but they are formatted FAT32. I have plenty of time to run some tests 
with USB drivers ranging from 128 FAT or FAT32 to 8GB FAT32 to play with.


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