[PC-BSD Testing] Removable media

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Oct 1 06:07:47 PDT 2008

flat.rose wrote:
> *Update
> Yesterday I've mounted (only mounted - nothing more) my player with FAT fs
> to my laptop with PC-BSD and today, about 15 mins ago I've got nullified
> player. So it's not only working wrong, it even cracks my flash-memory each
> time I mount it. I'm still gonna try that stuff u told me, Brodey, but it's
> gonna be done at late night when I don't need to rush anywhere. =\ And I'm
> an optimist too yeah.

I've been using some FAT formatted USB sticks here, and no problem so 
far. You are un-mounting them before unplugging it right? If you can 
test it via the command-line as suggested, and confirm that it still 
corrupts the FAT tables, we'll need to report this bug with details to 
the FreeBSD team right away:


Its possible that mount_msdosfs is buggy in this case?


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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