[PC-BSD Testing] GRUBing around Multi-OS coexistence?

Walt Pawley walt at wump.org
Wed Nov 26 23:06:42 PST 2008

At 7:18 AM +0200 11/27/08, A.Yerenkow wrote:
>On 27.11.2008 6:10, Walt Pawley wrote:
>> ...
>> Ubuntu apparently installs some version of GRUB perforce.
>> ...
>> I was able to make enough sense of
>> the GRUB documentation to boot the first FreeBSD partition
>> successfully (hd0,1,a). Great.
>> At least it was until I attempted to boot the PC-BSD partition
>> (hd0,2,a). GRUB complains that it can't mount the partition
>> ...
>Did you have partition magik or something similar to create /boot in old
>I think it's common case:
>Or you could try this:

As is typical for me these days, I still don't know why it's
doing what it's doing but I've managed to get it working.

I was able to get the FreeBSD 7 partition to boot with

root (hd0,1,a)
kernel /boot/loader

as is recommended in quite a number of places. But this did not
work for the PC-BSD 7.0.1 partition with (hd0,1,a) replaced by
(hd0,2,a), like I believe it should have. After reading a bit
from the above link, which didn't really tell me anything I
hadn't already stumbled through (or so it seemed), I tried a
desperation alternative. To wit:

rootnoverify (hd0,2)
chainloader +1

I guess if one method doesn't work, the other one may, even on
what is basically the same OS on two different partitions of
the same drive. Curious.

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