[PC-BSD Testing] GRUBing around Multi-OS coexistence?

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Nov 26 21:18:16 PST 2008

On 27.11.2008 6:10, Walt Pawley wrote:
> My tale: I'm basically a Mac person, who worked with FreeBSD in
> a life long past. I built a AMD box about a year ago and have
> been messing about with various OSs, but primarily PC-BSD of
> the 64-bit variety. I'm hoping to show each of these to a small
> group of Mac users as potential alternatives in about three
> weeks.
> I didn't have any version of Linux on the box so, I d/l'd
> Ubuntu 8.10 for 64-bits and, after some arduous attempts failed
> to clarify what installing it really did, did it anyway. Mostly
> it went well. It's the part not included in "mostly" that I now
> need to fix.
> To clarify the layout - two 500 GB hard disks, each with three
> partitions. Hard disk 0 has Windows XP Pro, followed by FreeBSD
> 7, followed by PC-BSD 7.01 - all of the 64-bit persuasion. Hard
> disk 1 has an NTFS partition to back up the Windows stuff on
> the other drive, a partition of unused space and the Ubuntu
> 64-bit. During the installation of Ubuntu, only hard disk 1
> was suggested by the installer, which I found curious (ie. I
> attempted to find out why - unsuccessfully, of course).
> Ubuntu apparently installs some version of GRUB perforce. This
> seemed like a pretty good idea - something I'd wanted to muck
> with but never could make enough sense of to just do it. Now I
> had it, whether I wanted it or not ... and, it was
> automatically configured. Upon reboot, I discovered that the
> FreeBSD partitions were not in the boot menu.
> I still don't know why the FreeBSD based partitions didn't
> appear in the GRUB menu, but I was able to make enough sense of
> the GRUB documentation to boot the first FreeBSD partition
> successfully (hd0,1,a). Great.
> At least it was until I attempted to boot the PC-BSD partition
> (hd0,2,a). GRUB complains that it can't mount the partition
> (error 7 as I recall). I had no trouble mounting the partition
> read-only from the CLI FreeBSD. A cursory examination didn't
> show anything obviously amiss. The /boot/loader file is right
> where it's supposed to be, as near as I can tell and I would
> not expect that the partition being marked dirty would matter
> at that stage.
> Clearly, I'm out of my depth. What should I do next?
Did you have partition magik or something similar to create /boot in old 
I think it's common case:
Or you could try this:

And ofcourse, you could install freebsd boot loader to FreeBSD 
partition, so you should have something like this:

Grub choise -> FreeBSD, then FreeBSD choice
F1 - Windows
F2 - FreeBSD itself
F5 - hdd1

If I'm not mistaken with layout

Good luck!

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